Kingdom of Hawaii

Having lived in Hawai’i for over half a century from 1971. And having been invited by Hawaiians to come to Hawai’i as a Christian Minister and Missionary. And as Hawai’i is my only home and family. And as being ordained a Kahu at the oldest church in Hawai’i I would like to share concerning the Kingdom of Hawaii.

The original quote of Queen Ka’ahumanu in 1823, on her death bed,was: “The Life of the Land is Perpetuated by the Righteousness of Jesus Christ.” This was and is the beginning of the ministry of the Holy Spirit to gather the Church of Jesus Christ in Hawai’i. The Kings and Queens of Hawaii had taken the people of Hawai’i into the concepts and thoughts of Christ Jesus as LORD. The seal of the Kingdom of Hawai’i has 5 Christian Crosses on the crown. One above the King/Queen and one facing north, east, south and west. Until the simple peaceful powerful Gospel of Christ Jesus is restored to the people of Hawaii there will be no peace concerning these issues nor will the Kingdom be restored.

So the gathering for the Kingdom of Hawai’i must be in alignment with the simple teachings of Christ Jesus and not the traditions of men. The gathering of the citizens of this Kingdom of Hawai’i must be color blind and not based upon blood lines. The man selected as King of Hawaii must be a holy man and totally in tune with the teachings of Christ Jesus as HIS LORD. In Romans 13, Kingdoms are created by GOD.

We now have many in Hawai’i claiming to be of the blood line of King Kamehameha, politics always goes into darkness and confusion. The old Kapu system was set aside in 1819 by the Queen, King and people of Hawai’i prior to the arrival of the Christian Missionaries. But those missionaries brought only a small portion of the truth that Jesus sets before us in the New Testament concerning Love, Holiness and Power.

So if you are supportive of the Restoration of the Kingdom of Hawai’i, help select Christian Holy Man who are dedicated to Jesus and love Hawai’i to represent you. Let them come together and come to one mind and one spirit (John 17:20-24) as to what kind of a Christian Kingdom would be best for the people of Hawai’i. Bring this declaration of unity to the people for confirmation. (All who vote should, pay taxes in Hawai’i and only live in Hawai’i for a given number of years should have a say.)

Bring the people together in righteousness to support a valid Kingdom of Authority and then make your case to the world. Hawai’i now has the legal grounds, but as yet, does not have the moral grounds nor GOD’S anointing.

Personally, I am fully supportive of the Kingdom of Hawaii, in Righteousness according to Holy Scripture as per Queen Ka’ahumanu in 1923 and confirmed by the 1840 Hawaiian Constitution.

Kahu Ken Smith <><
( Rt. Rev. Dr. +N. K. Smith, ThD, DD )


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