MaunaKea, 30 meter Protests?

But Really?

In 1819 The Kapu system and the old gods of Hawai’i were destroyed. It ended in a gun battle at the South end of Alii Drive, Kona, know as the “End Of The World.” 300 died in that battle. Every one should visit the Historical Site and read the marker signs. That battle ended early in 1820 with the heiaus being burned with the idols and stone altars, destroyed. The Christian Missionaries landed in Kona about a month later on March, 30,1820. The timing was God perfect. We must make room for the God of Creation if we want to know HIM, we have freewill. Https://

So with due respect for the burial sites up on MaunaKea, what gods are being defended up there? If the Hawaiian Kings and Queens and People renounced the old gods in 1819 prior to the arrival of the Christian Missionaries, why then are they being resurrected today? And why would anyone ever need to defend any real god anyway?

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